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Milestones in our company history

  • 1997 Foundation of the WTB Elektro GmbH company (shareholders at that time: Winkler, Trenkel and Becker)
  • In its early years the company operated solely as an installation company in the industrial sector.
  • Focus on training and promotion of new talent from day one
  • From 2000 design and manufacture of our first switchgears
  • Establishment of in-house programming and commissioning departments
  • Steady increase in the number of employees, expansion of the company structure, with company now operating its own extensive fleet of vehicles
  • Corporate certification to ISO and BSOHSAS
  • Provision of the first large-scale plants in the power station and gas installation sectors
  • Installation of electrical assemblies for the ceramic and brick making industries throughout the world
  • 2005 Move to our current premises due to the expansion of our company structure
  • Continuous expansion of our switchgear manufacturing facilities with new copper machining centre using semi-automatic technologies
  • From 2006 major projects in the process industry at the Infra Leuna site
  • Qualification of our employees according to SCC regulations, documents 017 & 018
  • From 2010 Siemens Solution Partner
  • Number of CAD workstation licences for our engineering department increased to 5
  • 2014 Award of “Exemplary training company” bestowed on the company by the District Craftsmen's Association & employment agency
  • Set-up of complex simulation workstations for automation technology using SIMIT
  • From 2016 system integrator of FlowChief
  • Offshore operations on an oil rig in the North Sea
  • 2017 Completion of extensive projects for established gas pipeline operators
  • Introduction of in-house remote maintenance portal (rapid access and complex security in line with regulations) to ensure the increasing availability of automation technology for our customers
  • Conversion of company certification to ISO 45001 in the field of occupational health safety/health protection
  • Number of CAD workstation licences for the engineering department increased to 11, 8 of which were in the EPLAN
  • 2021 Multi-faceted company with a global presence with 60 highly motivated employees
  • Our company has now been operating successfully for over 20 years