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Network analysis

Harmonics/Network analysis

The voltage quality in networks is increasingly subject to problems caused by system perturbations. These are caused by so-called harmonics and resonances. As a result, equipment can be destroyed and electronic control systems severely affected, leading to problems such as:

  • sporadic tripping of residual current circuit breakers
  • flickering of LED lighting systems
  • functional impairment of ripple control receivers
  • massive disruption to IT systems that can, in the worst-case scenario, result in operational failures, system crashes, module failures, interface defects, performance losses, data problems or screen flickering.

You can prevent these disruptions and protect against damage.

Let us carry out for you a mobile network analysis for direct measurement both in the low-voltage range, and, via secondary transformers, in the medium-voltage range.


Monitoring of compliance with the limit values of the following standards:

  • EN 50160
  • IEC 6100-2-2
  • VDE AR 4100

Freely parameterisable limit values with current and voltage harmonic angles calculated in accordance with standard 6100-3-12, and flickering displayed in accordance with IEC 6100-4-15.

Event type, measurement channels, start, duration and extreme value are recorded for each event, with permanent and uninterrupted recording of frequencies up to 170 kHz.

Acquisition of AC and DC signals.

Events are triggered by limit value violations or by various trigger options.

Online measurement of voltages, currents, outputs, energy consumption, THD.