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Fluorination technology

Fluorination technology

WTB also operates on a global scale in process engineering, offering a wide range of fluorination technologies.

The term 'fluorination' refers to the interaction/chemical reaction of fluorine gas with a plastic surface. Fluorine is the most reactive element in the periodic table, reacting with plastic surfaces at room temperature. Hydrogen atoms of the upper polymer chains are replaced by fluorine atoms. New chemical bonds are formed which are very stable so that fluorination has a long-term stable effect.

The replacement of hydrogen atoms by fluorine atoms results in dipole moments within the molecular chains. Non-polar, non-wettable plastics become polar and are thus wettable. Plastic surfaces must be wetted to enable adhesives, lacquers, inks or casting compounds to bond to them.

Fluorination can also change the permeability of plastic containers. If the container wall is exposed to fluorine on both sides, a kind of network is formed. This prevents short-chain molecular chains of the type present in detergents, coolants, etc., from migrating through the container wall.

We offer complete, customised fluorination solutions for your plastic products.



  • Feasibility and potential studies (concepts, economic feasibility studies and variant comparisons)
  • Worldwide support by qualified engineering services for all kinds of fluorination plants
  • Support with licensing procedures
  • Advice on plant optimisation
  • Development and evaluation of maintenance strategies
  • Plant design as OEM for INLINE and OFFLINE fluorination plants worldwide
  • Support during acceptance and warranty measurements
  • Damage assessment of fluorine plants/fluorine generators made by all manufacturers
  • Delivery of single components as well as turnkey plants
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